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Are FÜM Products Available For Purchase in Store?

FÜM products are now available for purchase at various retail outlets in Canada and the United States! Check out our store locator tool here.

How Many Individual Cores Come in a Pack of Cores?

Each pack of Cores contains 3 individual Cores.

How Do I use a FÜM Gift Card/Store Credit?

Steps to use a FÜM gift card/store credit:. FAQ:. - Do I get a physical gift card?. No, you do not. FÜM gift cards are digital and delivered via email. - Can I transfer my gift card to someone else?. Yes, you can. Simply forward the email to them or

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help!. You can contact our customer service team via:. - Email at [email protected]. - Live chat (bottom right hand corner of your screen). - Message us on Facebook at @breathefum

How Can I Check On My Order's Status?

After your order is placed, you can view the order status through your customer account. Order processing time is 1-3 business days from the order being placed. 1.  Log into your account. Click here for steps on logging in to your account. 2. Click "

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Ship?

We aim to have orders processed and shipped out within 1-3 business days from the time you place your order, barring any backorder or stock hiccup. Once your order is all set, we'll shoot you a shipping confirmation email with tracking details!. Not

FÜM Return/Refund Policies

30 day Try and Track refund policy. While we're confident you'll love it, if you have tried your FÜM with one of our flavored cores and have filled in your Habit Tracker card for a 30 day period and are not satisfied with the product after this time,

Why Isn't My Promo/Discount Code Working?

If your discount code is not working upon checkout here are a few things you can try. Please be aware that discount codes cannot be applied to subscription products or bundles since they are already discounted. 1. Ensure the discount code is correct

Why Can't FÜM Ship to My U.S. Address?

If you are being told that FÜM can't ship to your U.S. address upon checkout, here are some troubleshooting methods to try:Clear your cache/history and try processing the order againTry using an alternate browser and/or device to place the orderIf th

How Can I Cancel My Order?

Please be aware that submitting a cancellation request does not automatically guarantee the cancellation of your order. Our customer support team must manually process the cancellation request. If you need to cancel an order, please contact support@b

How to Pay in Other Currencies

Füm™ is sold worldwide so we sell in several different currencies for the convenience of everyone!

Why Can't FÜM Ship to My Canadian Address?

If you are being told that FÜM can't ship to your Canadian address upon checkout, here are some troubleshooting methods to try:Clear your cache/history and try processing the order againTry using an alternate browser and/or device to place the orderI

Why Is My Payment Method Being Declined?

Our customer support team can be contacted via email at [email protected].

My FÜM Apparel/Shirt Did Not Arrive With the Rest of My Order

Not to worry! Most FÜM apparel is fulfilled by a third party print-on-demand company and will be shipping separately from your FÜM products. You will receive separate tracking for the apparel once it is shipped. If you have not received a separate tr

Where Can I Enter My Promo/Discount Code for My Order?

1. Click/tap the shopping bag icon towards the top of your screen:. 2. From within your shopping bag/cart, click/tap the "Check Out" button:. 3. If the promo/discount box does not show up for you after clicking/tapping "Check Out", you will need to t

Why Doesn't PayPal Work With My Currency?

Currently, our PayPal payment method during checkout is only available for orders being placed in USD and CAD. Payments with other currencies must be made with one of our other payment options during checkout.

Why Is the Journey Pack a Different Price Than Initially Shown?

The Journey Pack offers numerous options tailored to your preferences, including device type, Cores bundle, and additional Barrel. Pricing for the Journey Pack begins at $89.50 USD, varying according to your customization choices. Still have question

Where Do Orders Ship From?

To ensure swift delivery for our customers, orders are shipped from various global locations corresponding to the destination country indicated in the shipping address. Should you observe that your order has been shipped from a location diverging fro

My Order Arrived but Is Missing Items. What Do I Do?

We're sorry to hear that!. If your order arrived incomplete, please reach out to our customer support via chat at the bottom right hand corner of your screen or via email at [email protected]. We are happy to work with you towards a resolution!.

The Address on My Order Is Wrong. How Do I Change It?

We would be happy to help with the address edit. Please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected]. We'll make every effort to catch your order swiftly before it's prepared for shipment, though we can't assure that changes will

Why Am I Being Charged Taxes Even Though I Am Tax Exempt?

At the moment, FÜM isn't able to waive taxes on orders for customers who are tax exempt. Still have questions? Reach out to our support team at [email protected].

How Do I Return an Order/Item I Purchased on Amazon?

Our customer support team does not have the capability to manage returns or refunds for purchases made on Amazon. If you have bought FÜM products through Amazon, please proceed to request your return directly through the Amazon platform.

How is Sales Tax Calculate on My Order?

Still have questions? Our support team is happy to help! You can reach out to them via Chat or email at [email protected].