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What Brand of Essential Oils Does FÜM Use?

All of the essential oils used in our products are sourced directly from farms around the world. They are organic, high quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade and verified for aromatherapy. Due to legalities with our partnership with suppliers, we do

How Often Can I Use My FÜM in a Day?

When using your FÜM with a FÜM Core, there is the perfect amount of essential oil to be used over one day. You can use it as often as you like throughout the day. Use FÜM when you wake up, on your commute, at work, during your workout, and when you u

Why Am I Experiencing a Negative Reaction When I Use My FÜM?

If FÜM is negatively affecting you, discontinue use and seek medical advice. When using essential oils, due to your body's natural processing of them, it can make you dehydrated. Whenever using essential oils, it is important to be conscious of stayi

What Are Safe Alternative Options for Storing My Cores and/or FÜM?

Essential oils can react with certain substances. Here are some safe alternate storage options for your FÜM and Cores. HDPE Plastic - If you are wanting to store your Cores in something plastic, ensure that it is HDPE plastic as essential oils do not

How Long Does One Core Last?

A Core lasts 2-3 days of repeated use. We recommend changing your Core at least every 3-4 days to ensure that your FÜM stays clean and fresh.

What Materials Are FÜM Cores Made From?

Cores are infused with organic, high quality, 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from our trusted supplier. FÜM Cores are crafted from medical-grade polyester designed for use with essential oils. They're engineered to facilitate airflow whi

How Should I Breathe When Using My FÜM?

Simply insert a Core into your FÜM device and breathe in through the mouthpiece and out of your nose. On how to insert a Core, click here. Whenever using essential oils, it is wise to consult with your physician to verify that they are safe to use wi

Storing Your FÜM & Cores

How to store your FÜM and Cores. We all want to get the most out of the products we buy. The plant extracts that are infused into the Cores naturally evaporate quickly into the air. This is the principle that makes them work so well with FÜM, but it'

Do Cores Expire?

We recommend using a package of Cores within 3 months of purchasing and within 6 weeks of breaking the Cores package's seal.

How Do You Pronounce "FÜM"?

Is it said like "foom"? "Fum"? "Fume"?. This is one of the most common questions that we get when we are talking to people about FÜM - "How do you say that?!". FÜM is pronounced "f-you-m" and is basically said like "fume". Let's break it down:. - The

Where Are FÜM Products Made?

FÜM devices and accessories: China. FÜM Cores: United States.

Children & Pregnancy Safety

Children Safety. We are not medical professionals, so we are unable to definitively say the safety of using essential oils for children. We recommend looking into the safety of each individual essential oil for use with children before using and cons

Do Cores Contain Any Chemicals?

Nope! We care about what we put into our bodies too 😃 We only use organic, 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are intended for aromatherapy on our FÜM Cores. To view the ingredients in each Core flavor, click here.

Are Polyester Cores Safe?

Though not all polyester is safe for use in this way, when used as directed (i.e. using a Core only once and not reapplying essential oils to a used Core), the medical grade polyester we use does not deteriorate when saturated. We have spent a consid

Do FÜM Products Contain Nicotine?

All FÜM products are completely free of nicotine!To view the ingredients used in each Core flavor, click here.

Are There Health Reasons (Contraindications) Not to Use FÜM?

There are no direct contraindications for our products. We do have safety recommendations based on general clinical recommendations for essential oils. Our products contain essential oils, in accordance with Health Canada guidelines for safe daily qu

Can Using FÜM Cause Side Effects?

Symptoms/side effects can be caused due to an allergy or sensitivity to an essential oil. These symptoms can start mild and progress to more severe problems quickly. If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop use of FÜM immediately and con

Do FÜM Cores Need to Be Lit?

No. Please DO NOT light FÜM Cores on fire!. FÜM is a smokeless, vapeless, heatless, non electronic, flavored air device. Cores are safe when used as directed. Lighting on fire is not the intended use and is potentially dangerous. Please ensure you on

Can I Reuse/Refill a Core?

Please do not reuse/refill your Cores. FÜM Cores are not designed to be reused. The reason for this is to prevent any buildup of bacteria and maintain the Core's integrity.

Cleaning Your FÜM

For information on how to clean your FÜM device, please see this blog article here.

Why Are My Cores Turning Black/Getting Dirty?

Noticing that your Cores are starting to turn black after use?

Are There Any Age Restrictions for FÜM?

As FÜM doesn't contain nicotine, there isn't a legal age requirement, but we advise against its use by minors. Additionally, we suggest keeping Cores away from children, as they could pose a choking risk. If you have any further questions about FÜM,

Why Are Some Core Flavors Weak?

The potency varies from one Core flavor to the next; for example, many people find Crisp Mint Cores stronger than Maple Pepper Cores or White Cranberry Cores. The reason behind this is scientific. As our Cores are flavored with 100% natural plant ext

Are Barrels Complete FÜM Devices? Do They Include a Mouthpiece?

Barrels are not a complete FÜM device. Barrels consist of the wooden portion of the device only. The mouthpiece portion of the device is not included. A complete FÜM device must be purchased separately either as an individual device or in one of our

Why Do My Cores Look Half-Filled?

Our Cores are infused using gravity in an upright position. For this reason, you may notice that your Core looks more saturated on one end of the Core than the other. This is completely normal and does not mean that your Cores are faulty or missing s

What Are the Components of a FÜM Device?

Each FÜM device is made up of two parts: the metal mouthpiece and the Barrel. The mouthpiece is the metal component that you breathe from and that holds the Cores. A mouthpiece is not available to purchase on its own and is currently only available a

Solano - Silver Stainless Steel vs. Onyx Black Airflow Valve

Currently, all Solanos have a stainless steel airflow valve(the end of the barrel), not black as shown on some photos and the box. However, the Solano mouthpiece is always Onyx Black. We unfortunately had to make a last minute pivot with our manufact

What is the Difference Between the Prominent and Solano Flavored Air Device?

The function of the Prominent and Solano are exactly the same - they slide open to insert the Core, have a magnet closure and adjustable airflow. The difference is purely aesthetic. The Prominent has a plain, stainless steel mouthpiece and Maple Barr

What Is the Black Onyx Made of on the Solano Mouthpiece?

The Solano's Black Onyx mouthpiece is made of stainless steel coated with a high-quality titanium to give the smooth, matte black finish.

Why Is the Solano More Expensive Than the Prominent?

Quick answer, Solano is made with more expensive materials than the Prominent.The Black Onyx mouthpiece on the Solano is created with stainless steel with a high quality titanium coating to create the smooth, matte black finish. This coating requires

Updated Cores Packaging!

Our Cores packaging is being updated to our new branding!. You’ll start seeing it rolling out in your orders as the inventory of our old packaging runs out. But don’t worry if your order contains a mix of old and new packaging during the transition -

Why Is There a Gap Between the Barrel and the Mouthpiece of My FÜM?

It is normal, and intentional, for there to be a small gap between the barrel and mouthpiece on your FÜM device. The purpose of this gap is to allow room for the clicks to work within the airflow valve, for a tactile and fidget-able experience, while

Re-placing the Core Spring if it Falls Out

The small Core spring exists to provide a friction fit for the Core so it is held firmly in place. When cleaning your Füm, while the spring should stay in place, occasionally it can get knocked loose. Below is how you can re-place the Core spring ins

What is FÜM Base?

FÜM Base is a weighted, magnetic resting spot for your FÜM device. It's angled surface and magnetic top hold your FÜM device in place while creating a tactile, fidget experience. It was designed as a way to help keep your FÜM handy in the locations w

How to Use a FÜM Base

FÜM Base is a weighted, magnetic resting spot for your FÜM Solano or FÜM Prominent. It's angled surface and magnetic top hold your FÜM device in place while creating a tactile, fidget experience. Some things to note about how the Base works:. Have ot

What Products Do I Need to Get Started?

To get started with FÜM, you need 2 components:. To get everything you need, conveniently bundled together, we recommend starting with a Journey Pack. Additional products you can get to enhance your FÜM experience:. Have more questions? Reach out to

How to Insert a Core into Your FÜM Device

1. To insert a Core into your FÜM, pull off the barrel from the centre of the device, releasing it from the magnetic closure. 2. Place the Core in the cradle, towards the mouthpiece. 3. Push the Core in and under the slight overhang, against the spri

Why Are Some Core Flavors So Strong?

The potency varies from one Core flavor to the next; for example, many people find Crisp Mint Cores stronger than Maple Pepper Cores or White Cranberry Cores. The reason behind this is scientific. As our Cores are flavored with 100% natural plant ext

Cores Ingredient List

Below is an alphabetical list of our Core flavors and the essential oils used in each flavor/blend. Core Flavor. Ingredients. Black Licorice. Star Anise essential oil, Basil essential oil, Fennel essential oil, Cassia essential oil, Peppermint essent

What Causes the Black Dust/Dirt Inside My FÜM?

Noticing some dark dust/dirt residue when cleaning your FÜM? This black residue is due to natural buildup caused by several different factors:• Dust from the environment. • Residue from the essential oils. • Moisture from your breathTo prevent this b

Core Flavor Intensity Guide

Below is a chart that indicates the flavor intensity of each Core flavor and weaker/stronger alternative options. Core Flavor. Intensity Ranking*. Weaker Options**. Stronger Options**. Raspberry Lemon. 1. N/A. Crisp Mint. Spearmint Ice. White Cranber

What Do the Core Flavors Taste Like?

Below you'll find the flavor profiles of every Core flavor, providing insights into the unique taste experience each one offers. Core Flavor. Overall Flavor. Flavor Notes. Black Licorice. Sweet and aromatic classic black licorice. High - Spicy and ar

How Often Should I Clean My FÜM?

We recommend cleaning your FÜM between each Core. To do this, we have included a microfibre cloth and pipe cleaner with the purchase of every FÜM device. You can also replenish your FÜM cleaning supplies by purchasing the Clean Kit, which includes tw

FÜM Topper FAQ

What is a Topper?. A FÜM Topper is a silicone cover designed to enhance and customize your FÜM experience. This accessory is specifically crafted to fit over the mouthpiece of your FÜM device, providing various benefits for users such as:. Enhanced c

How Do I Use a Topper?

Installing a Topper is quick and straightforward. Simply stretch it over the mouthpiece of your FÜM device until it fits snugly in place. Likewise, removing the Topper is just as easy, allowing for convenient cleaning and maintenance of your FÜM devi

What are Toppers?

A FÜM Topper is a silicone cover designed to enhance and customize your FÜM experience. This accessory is specifically crafted to fit over the mouthpiece of your FÜM device to provide a softer surface that feels pleasant against your teeth. Click her

How Do I Clean a Topper?

To clean your Topper, simply remove it from the mouthpiece, wash it with some mild soap and water, allow it to fully dry and then re-place it back over your mouthpiece. Click here to purchase a FÜM Topper