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What is the "A Place to Call Home: M4K Building Project"?

A project to raise funds for a new home for the orphans at M4K Orphanage in Kenya. Messiah for Kenya (M4K) orphanage is needing a new home for their 200+ children. The orphanage is being required to move out of their current facility by the end of Oc

Why Was FÜM Created?

FÜM exists to empower people to Create Positive Habits. We live in a world where it is easy to make destructive habits, but hard to make positive habits. We are here to help people create positive habits because positive habits lead to better lives,

What is the M4K Initiative?

How Füm™ is involved with M4K Orphanage to create a better world for orphans in Kenya. M4K Orphanage is home to 200+ children in rural Kenya. A time of unrest in Kenya left many children orphaned, homeless, vulnerable and starving. Two Kenyan familie

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